Foster carers are people who have certain skills and personalities, who are willing to care for other people’s children without wanting anything in return.

There are many reasons why children cannot live at home and foster care provides them with a safe, stable home environment, where they can feel valued and cared for. Some children move on to adoptive families from the foster carer’s home whereas others return to live with their biological parent(s).

It important for a foster carer to take an interest in the child’s wellbeing while setting clear boundaries, and teaching the child what’s acceptable behaviour and what is not. Understanding the child is vital as is developing the child’s personality and appreciating their uniqueness.

It is important to remember that although a child is in foster care, he or she does not forget their biological parents and family, so foster parents often have contact with the birth parents and extended family. Foster carers are also in contact with the child’s social workers, teachers, GP etc.