All fostering payments for carers, including those for carers fostering through Independent Fostering Agencies represent the maximum amount payable and are set by the Minister for Children. All allowances due are paid by Care Visions Fostering.

In addition to financial help, Care Visions offer full training and support to all our newly approved foster carers as well as the existing ones.

Foster Care Allowance

In 2016, foster care allowance is €325 per week per child under 12 years old and €352 per week per child of 12 years old and over. The allowance is not subject to taxation and does not affect eligibility for the medical card, disability allowance, disability benefit and unemployment assistance. More information is available within the Foster Care Regulations 1995.

In some circumstances, additional enhanced payments are available to meet extra costs incurred. For children between the ages of 18 and 21 who still live with the family and are in full-time education, an additional After Care Allowance may be paid.