Payments for Fostering – Foster Care Allowance

It is accepted that the cost of looking after a child should not be met by the Foster Carer and that potential Foster Carers should not be put off fostering because of concerns over financial costs.

Allowances are therefore paid to all Foster Carers, payable for each foster child, covering their upkeep and day to day costs such as:

  • Food

  • Clothing

  • School meals

  • Travel expenses

The Basic Fostering Allowance

The current basic Fostering Allowance is €352 per week for over 12s and €325 for children under 12. This allowance is exempt from taxation and does not count as income if you are receiving benefits.

Enhanced payments may be available to meet these extra where young people have additional needs.

Allowances are paid directly to Foster Carers approved by Care Visions Fostering, when a child is in placement.

Foster Care Support and Training

Care Visions Fostering Carers receive full training and a high level of support. This includes ongoing access to training, regular visits and supervision from a designated Link Social Worker and access to out-of-hours support. Foster Carer Support Groups are also available, where our Foster Carers can share experiences and expertise.

Each child placed has a care plan, and you will be given support to implement this. Additional professional help and specialist help may be available where the child has particular needs.