Care Visions Residential Services in Scotland is a Sanctuary Certified Trauma Informed Agency through the Sanctuary Institute, under the Andrus Center for Learning and Innovation in New York.

Work is being undertaken with the Andrus Center for Learning and Innovation to develop a therapeutic approach for Foster Care, based on the Sanctuary Model®. This will provide exciting opportunities for our Foster Carers to be involved in training.

What is the The Sanctuary Model®?

Sanctuary® is an accredited organisational change model that integrates trauma theory with the creation of therapeutic environments, providing safety for both clients and the staff who work with them. Based on the creation of a non-violent community that understands trauma and its effects, the model is designed to shift the organisational culture from one of control to one of collaboration.

The Sanctuary® Seven Commitments

An important part of the Sanctuary Model is the practice of the seven commitments or core values. They help ensure healthy environments for everyone. Care teams practice these commitments, and in doing so create therapeutic living spaces for children and young people. Such environments help make children feel safe and nurtured.

    • NON -VIOLENCE: Allows us to develop safety skills


    • GROWTH AND CHANGE: Creating opportunities for choice & empowerment


    • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Helps us to make sense of what we feel & how we behave


    • OPEN COMMUNICATION: Helps us to mean what we say without being mean when we say it


    • DEMOCRACY: Teaches social & political skills where ‘might’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘right’


    • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Encourages a sense of ‘community’ & develops social  skills


  • SOCIAL LEARNING: Creates improved cognitive and problem solving skills and respects and shares the ideas of our teams